Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pictures of the peru song

First, enthiran has reserved the web domain www.enthiran.com and it has a homepage.

The paparazzi pictures of the peru songs are out and available here. Just like Shankar’s crazy paanai dance in Mudhalvan here we have people emulating the Peru’s national bird emu !!!

The team has now moved to Hawaii for their next song shooting.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rajini Robot HairStyle Confirmed – View Photo Here!

SuperStar is meant for his hair style, many of his fans still following his hairstyle. When Rajini comes for a film there are huge craze about his hairstyle. In the film Sivaji you saw different hairstyles for the actor and this shows the real craze of his hair style among the fans. The film Kuselan finishes almost 75% and there were buzzes that the film going to hit theatres on July 18.

For his next venture Robot Aishwarya Rai going to lead against him. Both Eros International and Ayngaran International joint venture for this mega budget Robot film. Last time Shankar makeup gives entirely new Rajini in screens. Most probably Rajini make up will be in high standard than before. Robot team wants to bring professionals from Hollywood to work Rajini’s hair style and make-up.

Enthiran the Robot First Indian Hollywood Film!

Super Star Rajini’s forthcoming movie ‘Enthiran’ is to be shot fully at Hollywood. The movie commenced shooting at America, Brazil and many more places. Most of the technicians worked in the film was worked for various Hollywood films. According to Shankar, Mary E. Vogt the costume designer of Men in Black is part of Robot’s costume designing. With her Indian Costume Designer Manish Malhotra will be to design costumes. Stan Winston is to do animation and graphics work as they are the one who carried animation and graphics for the English movies like Terminator, Terminator-2, Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor, Predator

and at last with the hit of Iron Man.The team ‘Enthiran’ had made agreement with one of the special effects Hollywood companies like ILM, KEFX, Hongkong’s Centro and Menfort to give the movie special effects. The director wants to build this movie like a Hollywood movie and this is for the first time Rajini will be acting for a Hollywood movie.

source: tkada

First Song Completed for Enthiran!

It was almost a week that the movie Enthiran the Robot Started it’s shooting at Peru and Brazil. The Director Shankar prior leaving Chennai for the film shoot in a press release had reported that they have planned shooting at US and then to fly Brazil, Peru. According to a source that the first song had almost completed at Peru and Brazil in which Super Star Rajinikanth and Aishwarya have danced for some eye catching movements

and there were even buzzes that Raju Sundaram had even made
him a Spanish Salsa dance. Immediately after completing the shooting of the first song the entire crew will pack up to Hawai to shoot the second song of the film.